CardWorks Merchant Services Heading To WSAA



CardWorks is heading to Henderson. NV and the M Resort for the Annual WSAA Conference.  With sponsors from all sectors of our industry, this event is sure to be informative and provide for excellent networking opportunities.





Field Guide for ISO’s: Sponsored by American Express

11 AM    Introductions: Mark Dunn, Field Guide Enterprises

11:10 AM  EMV ‐ That Ship has not sailed, you can still get on board: Mark Dunn, Field Guide Enterprises

11:50 AM  How artificial intelligence can ensure required compliance: Neil Jones, Rippleshot

12:30 PM   Selling value added products: Marc Beauchamp, PayProTec

2:10 PM    Alternative lending ‐ How ISO’s make money: Scott Griest, Rapid Capital Funding

2:50 PM    Cracking the medical payments market: Mary Winingham, Mirror Consulting


The Technology Bet

Ken Elderts, VP, ISO Sales, AnywhereCommerce

Cory Capoccia, President, Womply

John Priore, President and CEO, Priority Payment Systems

Moderator: Xavier Ayala, CEO, Managing Partner, ONESOURCE Business Advisors. President, WSAA

This dynamic panel of experts will discuss payment technology innovation geared towards enhancing the merchant and consumer payments experience. Discover which technologies merchants and consumers are adopting and how retailers are reducing friction at the POS and using big data to understand their businesses and customers better to increase customer loyalty. Learn how payment technology is becoming more intuitive, transparent, and enhancing the merchant and consumer experience.

How to Manage Through ISO Growing Pains ‐ Hit, Stay, or Fold?

Michael Cottrell, Director, Global Sales and Marketing, ProPay

Jeremy Wing, President, Payscape

Donna Embry, Chief Payments Advisor, Payment Alliance International

Moderator: Deana Rich, CEO, Deana Rich Consulting

During this session a respected panel of industry leaders will discuss the life cycle of the ISO, focusing on major decisions that often must be faced in growing your business. Is registration truly required to be successful? Is a retail model the best solution, or is wholesale the answer? What are the implications of the liability versus no‐liability landscape?

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B2B Commerce Tech Is Finally Catching Up to Consumer Payments


We used to be content just searching online for information on products, scanning the latest news or finding out what our friends and family were up to.

But today we expect consumer e-commerce and payment sites to be intelligent and deliver experiences that are personal and relevant, and to know things about us and anticipate our needs within the context of our actions and to execute them in line with our personal preferences and company policies. To help us not only do things faster, but better. After lagging consumer payments, business to business payments is finally catching up to that level of function.

Technology has unleashed a host of new data. And by mining this data for insights and delivering them to the right people at the right times, technology can make us more intelligent and ultimately drive advantage.

Business networks are turning these scenarios into realities for the procurement industry. By leveraging the hundreds of billions of dollars of financial transactions and transactional data along with relationship history that resides in business networks, for instance, buyers and sellers can make more informed decisions by detecting changes in buying patterns or pricing trends. This provides organizations with more confidence and qualifying information on a potential, yet unfamiliar, trading partner.

And, when combined with community-generated ratings and content, they can glean not only real-time insights, but also recommended strategies for moving their businesses forward. So, things like performance ratings where buyers rate suppliers and suppliers rate buyers. Others in the community can use this information to help detect risk in their supply chain or determine who to do business with – much like a consumer might read a product review before purchasing something online.

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